More and more people are discovering Andalusia in southern Spain as a holiday destination. In this article we would like to tell you why English people love coming to Andalusia. This holiday region in southern Spain has a lot to offer you as a tourist. Before you read more about Andalusia we would like to introduce ourselves; we are Wendy and Ronald Dirksen, we run Holiday Mountain just outside the village of Riogordo. Quietly situated in the hills above Málaga.
Because we live, work and speak a lot with our guests in Andalusia, we know very well what makes Andalusia so special. It is not without reason that Andalusia is called the real Spain. Read it!

Climate Andalusië

For many, climate is the most important factor in choosing a holiday destination. English people love a sunny holiday. We can reassure you: Andalusia has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, in Andalusia you can fully enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and dry and in winter you have a mild temperature. This makes Andalusia in southern Spain almost all year round such a popular holiday destination for English people! We often get the question “What is the best month to go on holiday to Andalusia?” But that depends entirely on what you want to do. Are you going for a sun holiday or do you want to discover the beautiful interior more actively or a combination of these? The months of July and August are warm in Andalusia and more suitable for a sun holiday and local excursions. The other months are very suitable for an active holiday in southern Spain.
vacation to Andalusia in Spain

Speaking of an active holiday…

In Andalusia you can practice many outdoor activities. Safari, canoeing, cycling … but also super spectacular walking: do you know El Caminito del Rey, for example? This impressive walking route was once known as one of the most dangerous walking routes in Europe.

vacation to Andalusia in Spain

The El Caminito del Rey is one of the attractions of Andalusia. The walking path was closed in 2001, but after a complete renovation, El Caminito del Rey reopened in 2015. It is now no longer one of the most dangerous hiking trails in Europe, but perhaps the most spectacular hiking trail. The walking path winds through a deep gorge. The steep cliffs reach hundreds of meters high. El Caminito del Rey is glued to this. The spectacular hiking trail is about 3 kilometers long. Along the way, your courage is rewarded with fantastic views. El Caminito del Rey is approximately 25 kilometers from Holiday Mountain. Very suitable for a day trip! Do you dare?

Andalusia – the real Spain!

Indeed, that is what Andalusia is often called and rightly so because you will find everything that makes Spain so unique. The Mediterranean climate, gems of sandy beaches and tasteful food from fresh, local products … you will find it all here in southern Spain. What makes Andalusia extra special is the breathtaking interior. You will be surprised by a totally unexpected world. About 30% of Andalusia is a protected natural area. You will see that the landscape is constantly changing. Beautiful whitewashed villages are known along the slopes, known for their typical Andalusian architecture. Feel free to stop in such an authentic village and feel – possibly from the terrace of the local bar – the rustic atmosphere of the real Spain!

vacation to Andalusia in Spain

Enjoy culinary delights in Andalusia!

We can be brief about it: the kitchen of Andalusia is one of pure connoisseurs. The dishes in Andalusia are very varied and even differ per region. On the coast is the fish that predominates, in the interior you will find more traditional stews. The mostly colorful dishes not only look beautiful, but are also very tasty. Few people know that the delicious Serrano ham is originally from Andalusia.

vacation to Andalusia in Spain

We often serve it in Holiday Mountain as a garnish with a typical Spanish meal. Furthermore, the kitchen in Southern Spain is known for delicious fresh salads, with local ingredients from the region. For dessert we can recommend the Tarta de queso Andaluza, a delicious cheesecake. As a drink, Tinto de Verano is a tip, it is a drink that is often consumed in Andalusia. It is a mix of red table wine and Fanta, Sprite or Bitter Lemon. The ice cubes provide cooling, give it a try during your holiday in southern Spain!

Are you also coming to enjoy a holiday in Andalusia?

Andalusia is easily accessible by both car and plane. Various airlines fly to Málaga almost every day. If you come by car, follow the A7 motorway to Málaga, then take the A-45 exit towards Seville We look forward to welcoming you at Holiday Mountain!

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