A motorcycle holiday to Andalusia is popular among motorcyclists from England. This region in southern Spain seems to be made for a motorcycle holiday: the interior of Andalusia is dotted with beautiful country roads that ask to be discovered. On the way there is a lot to see from the motorbike in this part of southern Spain. Before you read more about a motorcycle holiday in Andalusia, we would like to introduce ourselves; we are Wendy and Ronald Dirksen, we run Holiday Mountain just outside the village of Riogordo. Quietly situated in the hills above Málaga. Earlier we ran a hotel in France that was focused on motorcycle holidays. We are happy to share our passion for motorbikes, hospitality and Andalusia with you. In this article we show why Andalusia is so suitable for a multi-day motorcycle holiday. Discover the beauty and freedom of southern Spain from your motorcycle!

Why Andalusia is so suitable for a motorcycle holiday

Andalusia is a region in southern Spain that is not without reason nicknamed “The real Spain”. Everything that makes Spain so attractive can be found in Andalusia. From Holiday Mountain you can drive straight into untouched nature with your motorcycle. A beautiful backdrop of hills and mountains spreads out before you. You can enjoy breathtaking views from your motorcycle. Along the way it is often sensational steering and you will always encounter such a typical whitewashed Andalusian village; get off and enjoy the local charm and the real Spanish culture. The famous beaches of the Costa del Sol are also not far away: tour the boulevard and feel the Spanish summer! If you want to combine motorcycling with culture, a city trip in Málaga is very worthwhile. Cities such as Marbella and Granada can also be reached quickly and easily by motorbike. During your motorcycle holiday in Holiday Mountain you do not have to worry about the weather. Andalusia has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, in Andalusia you can enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean climate during your motorcycle holiday. Summers are warm and dry and in winter you have a mild temperature. This makes Andalusia in southern Spain almost all year round such a popular holiday destination for motorcyclists!

Interesting motorcycle routes and places of interest in Andalusia

We know better than anyone that motorcyclists love freedom: enjoy touring the fun and enjoy. Of course you can just go out, but we would also like to share some interesting motorcycle routes and sights with you.
Motorcycle holiday Andalusia

Exploring Ronda by motorbike

A popular motorbike day trip is a visit to Ronda. Ronda is one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia. The village is about an hour and a half’s drive from Holiday Mountain. Along the way you can already discover the beautiful interior of Andalusia. Ronda offers many sights, but the village is best known for the impressive Puente Nuevo, the bridge that connects the 2 sides of the 100 meter deep El Tajo Gorge. The view from the bridge is breathtaking. In Ronda you will also find a palace, an arena and a beautiful old historic city center. Ronda is very busy, especially on weekends. If you are really looking for history, it is interesting to combine a visit to Ronda with a visit to the archaeological site of Acinipo, 20 kilometers away. Here you will find a well-preserved Roman theater and remains of thermal baths and ancient waterworks. On the way it is of course again full enjoyment from your motorcycle in this varied part of Andalusia!

Motorcycle holiday AndalusiaOn the motorbike to Málaga and Marbella

Holiday Mountain  is a 30 minute drive from Málaga, in the middle of the beautiful nature of Andalusia. Motorcyclists appreciate the location very much: on the narrow country roads it is immediately enjoyable if you go out for a day of motorcycling. The resorts of Málaga and Marbella are popular destinations. The combination of the beautiful interior and the Costa del Sol makes these day trips so unique. It is fantastic motorcycling. Moreover, there is a lot to see and discover in Málaga and Marbella. For example, did you know that Picasso was born in Málaga? Discover the beautiful historic center with Moorish and Roman influences and stroll through the SOHO Málaga district, a colorful artist district. Marbella is 1 hour motorbike ride from Málaga. It is the most chic and trendy coastal town on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia. The historic and picturesque old town of Marbella “Casco Antiguo” is a hidden gem. You will find it near the city center, just above Avenida Ricardo Soriano – the main street that runs through Marbella – and opposite the La Alam park Incidentally, Puerto Banús, the luxury marina of Marbella, is located just in front of Marbella. Stop the engine for a moment and marvel at the huge yachts that lie here. And who knows … you might spot a famous movie star!

Come motorcycling and holiday in Andalusia!

Andalusia is easily accessible by motorbike and by plane. Various airlines fly to Málaga almost every day. You have the option to rent a motorbike in Málaga. If you come with your own motorcycle, follow the A7 motorway to Málaga, then take the A-45 exit towards Seville / Granada. Come motorcycling and holiday in Andalusia. We look forward to welcoming you at Holiday Mountain!

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