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The conditions

Conditions Holiday Mountain


Mentioned travel sum per room including:

  1. Written confirmation of the number of nights
  2. Food & Drinks at Holiday Mountain
  3. Reservation costs
  4. Deposit

Mentioned travel sum is exlusive:

  1. Flight and transfer
  2. Travel and cancellation insurance
  3. Entrance fees and personal expenses

Bookings and payment:

You will receive a confirmation in response to your registration form. Filling out the registration form obliges you to pay all that is owed on the basis of this registration. The closed travel sum must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure to IBAN account number: NL11 RABO 0108 3363 44 t.n.v. R.A.M.A. Dirksen 

Travel documents:

Your passport, possibly a driving license for a rental car, must be valid.


The organization does not accept any liability for bodily injury, material damage or consequential damage of any kind, caused to or caused to participants or third parties. Participation is entirely at your own risk. The organization is not liable for damage resulting from calamities and / or other reasons of force majeure. The flight and / or transfer is entirely at the risk of the participant. If for whatever reason it is not possible to continue the journey by the participant, this does not give rise to any right to compensation for damage and / or costs of any kind. Participant is then also responsible for repatriation of body and goods to you country. In that case the organization will of course provide help and assistance to the best of its ability, insofar as this can be reasonably expected and insofar as group interests do not preclude this.

Cancellation by participant:

Cancellation must always be made in writing (by email) and confirmed in writing by Holiday Mountain. You can cancel up to 21 days before arrival, after which we are forced to charge a fee. Holiday Mountain cannot be held responsible for the cancellation costs incurred by you. It is therefore advisable to take out travel cancellation insurance with your insurance company

Cancellation by the organization:

A trip can be canceled due to serious circumstances of such a nature that further commitment of the organization to the travel agreement cannot reasonably be required. In both cases, the organization will offer the same trip at a later date. If this offer is not accepted by the participant, a refund will be paid.


  1. A detailed map of Andalusia is highly recommended.
  2. Travel documents, if necessary, will be sent as soon as possible after the travel sum has been paid (by appointment).
  3. all inclusive; The all-inclusive concept means at: Holiday Mountain Extensive breakfast; if desired, a self-composed lunch for the road; snacks such as nuts, olives, sausage ect…..: Dinner consisting of a 3-course dinner.

    Drinks; Coffee, tea, water, different kinds of soft drinks, beer, Cava and 3 kinds of wine.

Taking out travel cancellation insurance (see also the reservation form) is strongly recommended.


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